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To everyone - I William Littlefield am extremely serious  about the issue of Criminal and Civil Lawsuits against the following characters,corporations,partners and persons. There is enough evidence, I have enough evidence to bring  Indictments against the Fast and Furious Franchise, Dodge, Vin Diesel, and The Brotherhood of Muscle...... Note the fact that Two Dodges were driving in a Fast and Furiousfashion. 
Dodge and Fast and Furious are self admitted Partners in Crime from the beginning as the videos below prove out.

College of the Canyons 5 14 2018
 Santa Clarita man Willy Littlefield is furious over concerns that an upcoming fundraiser promotes street racing, which is believed to have cost his daughter her life.
 “‘The Fast and the Furious’ (movie) franchise promotes street racing,” Littlefield told The Signal. “This event is something that promotes illegal activity. My daughter wasn’t doing things that causes damage to society.” LINK

To honor the late actor Paul Walker West Coast auto racing enthusiasts, “Fast & Furious” fans and his family and friends are gathering for the inaugural In Memory of Paul Car Hangout.

Indictments - Fast and Furious Franchise, Dodge, Vin Diesel, Brotherhood of Muscle

Criminal activity of collusion, conspiracy, acts in furtherance of crime, aiding and abetting 
, before, after and during a crime. Promotion of deadly street racing, continuing criminal enterprise.................
Before, during and after Roger Rodas Killed himself and Paul walker at the crime scene, the Fast and Furious bunch continue their criminal actions.

Please view this Video
Dodge Commercial 2017 Brotherhood of Muscle Rally. You can watch Dodge commercials for Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Durango. Bring us your loud, your fearless, your unhinged

and the following videos

 Dom and Dodge through the years - The Dom character has been driving Dodge cars since "The Fast & the Furious"; see how the Dodge and Dom association has evolved through the years.

Here are some facts
  • Dealio Lockhart was Street Racing in a Fast and Furious manner just like in the movies. Yes Fast and Furious at speeds exceeding 127 MPH for 11 miles starting in Hollywood and then crashing on the I-5 in the City of Commerce(2 27 2016) Killing 3 persons on the spot, putting 3 others at death's doors, two who were in coma, one remaining in coma and others with 3rd degree burns. Others were almost killed on the spot and nearly burned alive. See screen-play.
  • Dealio Lockhart was Street Racing in a Dodge Challenger against a Dodge Charger, Dodge dominates in the media and on the streets. Dodge, Fast and Furious are in bed together and have invited Vin Diesel to the Orgy with his One Hundred Million strong Brotherhood of Muscle.
  • Seems V.D. is spreading like a disease with his One Hundred Million Brothers
  • Dealio considered himself a BRUH from the 313 - Yes Dealio is part of the Brotherhood of Muscle and now sits in Jail with a 6.2 Million Dollar Bail, Dealio will soon be moving to Prison.
  • Dealio Lockhard and Paul Walker are both victims of their own doings, Paul is dead because of Fast and Furious speed in his car. Dealio gets Prison time for being a Killer. Paul gets Killed. Killed and Killer - Death is the proven result of Speeding, Street Racing, Fast and Furious, Dealio and Paul.
  • Paul Walker now dead, Vin Diesel alive are the faces of the Fast and Furious Franchise
  • A respectable memory of Paul Walker would be to learn from his mistakes, condemn speeding, condemn street racing and condemn the Fast and Furious Franchise.
  • Instead of learning from it all - College of the Canyons gives venue for HookerFest Fast and Furious Flash party in Memory of Paul a "charity" event - Paul Walker died speeding. All the accoutrements of Death and Speeding were on display. 
  • Paul Walker's brothers Cody and Caleb did some stand-in work in Paul's absence for Furious 7, are there plans for the two brothers in the Franchise? YES.
  • Yes, Paul and Roger killed themselves speeding on the streets during the ROWW #1 "charity" event. 
Dealio's Dodge - License Plate "313 BRUH" 

Dealio was in his Dodge Challenger Racing a Dodge Charger 
Both were Fast and Furious Street Racing - Two COC Students DEAD

SRT HellCats Demons Vipers cars that have extreme horsepower,   SRT 392 packs a 485-hp Hemi V-8, and the notorious SRT Hellcat possesses a 707-hp supercharged Hemi V-8. Both have substantial brakes and an adaptive suspension; a standard six-speed manual transmission or a proficient eight-speed automatic funnels power to the rear wheels." The Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon is built to be an elite performance machine. That’s why it’s powered by a Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT Demon V8 engine and armed with a functional Air-Grabber™ hood scoop and Torque Reserve Launch System....The limited-production, 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 engine delivers 840 horsepowerDodge is touting the mega-muscle car as the industry’s first street-legal production drag car. The National Hot Rod Association has certified it as the world’s fastest quarter-mile production vehicle. 

Only Dodge is Fast and Furious tested and approved.

Dodge Chargers and Challengers are back in FAST & FURIOUS 6. See how the production team worked with Dodge towards creating the next chapter in The Fast & Furious franchise.

In his voiceover, Diesel introduces viewers to Dodge's “The Brotherhood of Muscle” lifestyle of forging one's own path. The spots end with Diesel's voice saying, “Welcome to the Brotherhood of Muscle and the Dodge tagline, “Domestic.

Police say the popularity of illegal racing has only increased amid  movies like the"Fast and Furious" series and video games. 
Even the death of "Fast and Furious" film star Paul Walker in a fiery crash in November 2014 appears to have done little to dampen enthusiasm for speed  contests. LA Times

It's a world that many people have only been exposed to through movies such as The Fast and the Furious: the hardcore faction of the car culture dominated by illegal street racers. The underground world of 'burnouts', 'donuts', and street racing attracts thousands to floating parties. Racers say they'll get off the streets if they get a plot of land dedicated to their illegal gathering.

CALL TO ACTION - According to research from the Los Angeles Times, at least 179 people have been killed in suspected street racing accidents since 2000.

The Dead Victims - Brian under blue covering - Michelle under white sheet -
 the last pictures of Michelle mich+last.png

Dodge, Fast Furious, Vin Diese

Start about 26-27 Minutes into it, write what you will then give an overview of all the evidences, and you impression of what this evil trio are up  to and that the relationship is way beyond casual -

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